About Us

Mind Your Own Beeswax Candle Company is an artisan candle company located in Conroe, Texas, run by husband and wife team Matt & Laura Goodwin. We make 100% pure beeswax candles and body care products that are completely non-toxic, non-allergenic, and free of chemicals and dyes.
The idea for our little candle company began back when we were first dating and Matt would come over to my apartment in the evenings after work so that we could cook dinner together. This was back when we were living in Austin, TX and, as young couples do, we would spend our evenings together making each other laugh, talking about our dreams for the future and sharing whatever great locally brewed beer he had picked up for that evening to go with the fresh veggies and meats from the farmers market that we were cooking. When we would finally sit down to eat the great meal that we had just cooked together, of course we would light a few candles for some romantic ambiance - and yes, even though we are married now, he still lights candles for me almost every evening. Unfortunately, at that time, the candles were just some cheap paraffin candles that I had picked up at a local chain store and even though the candles were unscented, it didn't take long for us to realize that the fumes from the paraffin candles we were burning didn't exactly go well with the healthy meal that we were eating. So I started looking online for a more natural alternative and that was when a little google search turned into a lot of actual research and suddenly that little apartment kitchen converted itself into a beeswax candle factory. Today the "candle factory" takes up the entire front room of our little lake cottage in southeast Texas and our home always smells like honey. It's so wonderful!
So, why beeswax instead of soy?... While soy is natural and definitely better than paraffin, we chose to use beeswax not only for it's clean nontoxic burn but also for its ability to actually cleanse the air with the negative ions that it emits while it is burning. It has actually been scientifically proven that beeswax is the only wax that has the ability to remove airborne allergens, dust, odors, toxins, pollens, molds and viruses. In addition, the flame from a beeswax candle emits a light spectrum that is equal to that of sunlight, unlike a paraffin candle flame, which is that of a chaotic light spectrum, similar to an incandescent light bulb.
The scent of beeswax is gentle enough for those people with super sensitive noses and even helps to cleanse the air of allergens - the scent is subtle, but our 100% natural candles still have the soft sweet scent of the honey from the hives where the beeswax originated. All of our candles are completely handcrafted and each one is carefully and lovingly poured by hand. They are 100% natural and completely free of any chemicals and dyes.  We hope that our candles bring you peaceful thoughts, an open heart, and joyful light from our home to yours.